Request Form

You can choose to refill your prescription from Condo Pharmacy by simply completing the form below and clicking “Submit” at the bottom of the page or you can download our refill app to use on your mobile device. Visit to download our app! Please allow us at least 3 hours to request a prescription refill.    

   • If you are requesting prescription delivery, the order will be sent the next week day.
   • Compounded preparations are not subject to the 3 hour time frame and will require three week days.
      Request for a refill does not guarantee that the prescription is eligible to be refilled:
   • Prescription refills will be made pursuant to federal and state laws as well as any rules imposed by
      applicable third party payers.
   •  If there are not any refills remaining on a prescription Condo Pharmacy will attempt to contact your
      prescriber but the 3 hour time frame will not apply until a new prescription is received. It remains the
      responsibility of the patient to ensure that the pharmacy has current contact information and current
      insurance information.  Thank you for choosing Condo Pharmacy!